Clinical Hypnotherapy

Clinical Hypnotherapy

Reduce stress, tension and physical pain.

Clinical hypnotherapy can be used to gently and effectively treat all manner of mental, emotional and physical conditions. Our brains are capable of forging new pathways, and these are most easily formed during hypnosis when you’re safely and gently guided into a trance like deep relaxation in which your subconscious is most receptive to positive suggestion.

You can choose a clinical hypnotherapy program to treat a number of complaints, whether they be an anxiety condition, sexual dysfunction, substance abuse, phobias, disordered eating, depression, any habitual patterns and behaviours that are negatively impacting your life and more.

Though a lot of hypnotherapy is conducted by your therapist while you’re in a deeply relaxed state, it’s definitely not an easy fix! Along with guiding you through hypnosis in session, in working with me you’ll also learn how to treat yourself with self hypnosis and gain a deeper understanding of your brains patterns – and how to use this knowledge in creating a more fulfilling life!

Clinical Hypnotherapy sessions are conducted in person at my Sunshine Coast clinic and created to suit individual needs. Call me today to discuss your suitability for a Clinical Hypnotherapy program!

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